Today was a really great day today~~~

1. Had a lab meeting with a new supervisor and met awesome RAs and got put onto two new projects that I am so excited about! Now working on three really awesome projects!

2. Got a 10/10 on my physics quiz~. Which is really cool cause oh man my physics quiz grade is really low…

3. Got an email back from a graduate student that I emailed about possibly RA-ing for her over the summer and she replied back saying that my “experience is impressive” and seriously, after two years of emailing professors and graduate students for a lab position and being told I don’t have enough experience, it was SO WONDERFUL to get a different response.


When I rule the world, I’m going to make each single celebrity singer sing a capella to 10 classically trained musicians and opera singers. They’ll also have to sit behind a screen so their appearance (aka slutty clothes) can’t distract the judges. Those who get at least 7/10 approvals are allowed to keep singing. Those who don’t are banned from singing in public ever again.

I haven’t had a proper night’s sleep in two weeks.

Last night when I woke up at 4 AM, I started crying because I was so frustrated and tired and I just wanted to sleep but my body wouldn’t let me.

And I have a math midterm in two days. I’m exhausted and I still have no idea how to do the practice problems.

So I’m sorry I forgot to ask how your day was or what you were doing. I’m sorry I went straight to asking you questions about math. I’m sorry that I kept complaining about being screwed for my test in which case you replied “ok”.

I just want to have a solid night’s sleep.

The only good part about taking a midterm is the part right before where everyone is stressing out and I meet new people by doing some last minute studying with them because our desire to get good grades trumps our shyness of meeting new people.

10 Things About My Significant Other

1. He’s basically the sweetest guy I have ever met. Seriously. He once went out into the cold and rain to buy me food not because I was sick or injured, but because I was lazy as hell.
2. He’ll tell you he doesn’t like junk food, but that’s false (for the most part). It’s because if he buys junk food, he will have no willpower to stop himself from eating it. I have eyewitness accounts of him eating MY cheetos.
3. He is really practical and logical. Which makes him very difficult to buy presents for.
4. He’s a Trekkie. A really adorable one.
5. He is definitely one of the most sensitive guys I have ever encountered in my life, which is probably one of the most valuable things you can find in a guy.
6. He has the most adorable smile. I try to make him smile and laugh as often as I can.
7. He knows what he wants in life and he works really hard to achieve his dreams. I wish I worked half as hard as he does.
8. He has had the same hairstyle his whole life. I maintain he should switch it up sometime.
9. I could listen to his voice all day. And when he talks about something he’s passionate about, it makes me swoon.
10. Because of all these really great qualities, I believe his market value, if he were on the market, would be extremely high.

He is a really, really wonderful person, and I hope he knows how much I appreciate him.

So far for Valentine’s day, my best friend got me a set of biographies of Winston Churchill, and something else that remains a surprise.

I’ve got a real keeper

Okay I have to get something straight.

My name is Erin. E-R-I-N. Not Aaron, which refers to a guy, or Eric, which also refers to a guy, or Ann, which refers to a girl but is not my damn name.

I don’t like my name so much :(